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Meeeeeester MAN!!

Just a short post to let you all know I finally finished Grand Theft Auto IV and have that monkey off my back. Phew.

I'm still sorting out my thoughts about the game, but one important aspect is that it is a surprisingly serious and carefully told story. It's amazing that Rockstar could evolve from the cartoonish silliness of earlier GTA games to what we see in GTA4. Although to be fair there were at least signs of the change to seriousness here and there in GTA: San Andreas, in between all the trucking missions, bicycle races, and stealing jetpacks from Area 51 that is.

That said, after the epic tragedy of Niko Bellic's journey to America I could go for a bit of brightly colored cartoonish silliness now. May I make a request, Rockstar? Perhaps something like this:

Just think about it, that's all I ask.
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