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Well, well, well. Arthur Dent.

I've been listening to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio show lately, for the first time in several years or more. Back when I was a teenager, I caught an episode or two of the radio program when it appeared on local public radio and was instantly smitten with all things Hitchhiker's, going as far as managing to acquire my very own copy of the radio program on cassette tape and listen to it endlessly. Hearing it once more today, I'm reminded again just how great that program really was; it's still my favorite version of the Hitchhiker's saga. It has a comedic intensity and wild momentum not seen in the books, which are actually rather dark and depressing when you pause to think about it. The sound design and background music is also top-notch, as is the pacing (an area where the recent dramatizations of the last couple of books kind of fall down a bit) and I can't say enough about how much I love hearing Peter Jones's plummy voice as he narrates the story. Anywho, for whatever reason I decided to doodle a little sketch from later on in the series.

Lintilla is a character who only appeared in the original radio show, an archaeologist (and incidentally one of 578 billion identical clones) investigating the Shoe Event Horizon on the planet Brontitall. When it came time to novelize the story, Douglas Adams wisely cut the whole Shoe Event Horizon bit down to a few sentences instead of the two whole episodes or more it took up in the radio program, and Lintilla went with it. Since she never appears visually anywhere or even gets a physical description beyond "a clone of a wonderfully talented and attractive girl" I just made something up, trying to roll forward from the impression I got of her as someone who seems serious and competent at first blush but turns out to be just as baffling and weird as everyone else Arthur runs into. As for Arthur Dent, he of course needs no introduction and is based on Simon Jones as the character. (There's a rather nice interview with Jones here if you're curious. He comes off as a really sweet guy.)
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