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I want my three dollars!

Well, thank God that's over. I don't recommend the experience of filling out Wisconsin part-year resident tax forms to anyone; it was a huge pain full of fiddly math and random little items, and at the end of it I owed those jerks an additional $3.00. Three dollars! Good God, that's so petty. I'm much more irritated by that than by the additional $256 I owe the feds; at least that's a sum of money worth making somebody fill out a form over.

I rant about this every year at tax time, don't I? To be fair, I should add that the Illinois part-year resident tax process was a pleasure to complete, painless, well-documented and at the end I got a $14.89 refund, which I gave to the military families' fund. And honestly there wasn't anything to complain about with the federal form either. So that's good and I don't have to think about any of this for... another eight months.

...When I'll get to deal with Massachusetts taxes. [Shudder.]

So now that's out of the way. I guess I can... uh... well... start drawing Afterlife Blues now!
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