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Chords of Steel, don't fail me now!

I'm pretty busy, but just to let you all know, I made it safely to Boston. I've started my new job at a secure, undisclosed location in the metropolitan area, and so far I like it: the people are friendly and professional, and it looks like I'll have interesting stuff to work on. And soon I'll be getting those sweet, sweet paychecks again. I can't exaggerate how much I love those.

The area itself is rather nice so far. I'm impressed by the giant tall trees in the exurbs, and bewildered by the obstructed sight lines downtown. (Going from Chicago, which is laid out on a mathematically perfect grid dozens of miles across, to Boston, which I think is laid out following a series of pre-Revolutionary War cowpaths, is quite a change of perspective.) But both ways the scenery is really quite beautiful.

I really should spend this weekend emptying boxes and disposing of some of the useless junk I've been carrying with me since I left for the Midwest. However, I think I'm actually going to drag out my wheezy old PC and work on the raytracer some more. I was going to hold off on that until I get a new computer and proper internet access, but that's not really wise until I get my credit card paid off (see "paychecks" passim) and I can't wait that long. I'm itching to do more, and actually have an idea in mind for an at least game-esque thing to do with it.

So that's it for now. Godspeed! Also, "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney" was kind of disappointing. :(
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