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Greetings from fabulous Streetsboro, Ohio!

Man, there's a lot of Ohio. But all is forgiven, since as the day wore on, the rain stopped, the clouds parted, and a beautiful sun came out. I'd forgotten what that looked like! In addition I was pleased that my new car handles well at 85 miles per hour; granted that's not all that fast, but I can't help comparing it to my old Cavalier which would start shaking itself to pieces if you went above 70. The whole nothing-to-listen-to-in-the-car problem was solved by acquiring a cheap 1/8th inch audio cable, plugging one end into the "aux" jack on the car stereo, and the other end into my ancient iPod. I got music and podcasts comin' out of my ears now. Good thing too, as I expect to do a lot more driving in the future. There's a lot of places to go near Boston.

I'm glad I decided not to press all the way on to Central PA today. There's, like, no way that would have worked out.
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