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Greetings from fabulous Notre Dame, Indiana!

I thought this was gonna be a "well, I'll be out of contact until I get there" situation but nowadays we got that thar' Wi-Fi coming out our ears, so here I am.

On the way through I stopped in Chicago and visited the science museum with a friend of mine from Midway, since aside from an IGDA event I'd never been there during the period I actually, you know, lived in the city. Granted it was all the way on the opposite side, but still, that can hardly be excused. I got there a bit late and wasn't able to do the U-505 tour or that virtual Columbian Exposition thing, but still, it was not bad. Plus Jeff passed on to me some Stranglehold loot I'd missed since I had left the company at that point, which was really very kind.

I wonder what that huge bridge on the Chicago Skyway goes over. I couldn't really figure that out. I was also kind of disappointed by Gary, Indiana, in that I was expecting some sort of Boschian post-industrial nightmare land and I didn't really see anything much like that, at least not from I-90.

So anyway, now I'm actually back in the good old Eastern Time Zone... for the duration, even. It's weird and disorienting. Tomorrow I have to figure out if I want to push all the way through to Hershey, PA. It would get me a whole day ahead of schedule, but on the other hand it would be pretty much a solid 8-9 hours of driving to cross half of Indiana, all of Ohio, and half of Pennsylvania... and me out of CDs to listen to in the car already... so, I dunno. We'll see.
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