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I shared this with electroweak a few moments ago and then realized it was too important not to share with everyone.

I hate winter.

Hate it hate it hate it. I hate the endless cold and the continuously overcast skies and the dull whiteness everywhere and the cold and the early sunsets (not that the sun is ever visible) and being stuck in my apartment all the time and also the cold, and I hate the way all of that just goes on and on and on. It's absolutely unforgivable.

Seriously. I've seen nothing but snow and ice and darkness for at least three months now. The sun came out today for a few hours for the first time in months, just to cruelly taunt me with what I can't have. It's driving me crazy.

There! I said it! That feels a little better. Although (looks outside) it's still winter. GAHHHH.
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