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"Against a Dark Background" on $3.99 a day.

So just to let you know it was pretty easy. I revised the data structures so instead of a single cSolarSystem class, there's now a cGalaxy class which manages a large number of cSolarSystems -- in this particular case, three hundred of them, each containing a single star with a random solid color. A particular key on the keyboard jumps from one solar system to the next, generating the new planets and un-generating the old ones as needed. A cSolarSystem now has a location in the galaxy, and the stars seen in the sky are placed to match the solar systems' locations, and always rendered as if we were standing at the current location in the galaxy. The result is that each of the stars now represents a real place that you can go to... though admittedly right now a rather boring one.

For this particular image I gimmicked one of the stars so it's located far from all the others. From this outlying star, we can turn to look back at the entire "galaxy" -- currently a square shape, due to the way I'm randomly generating the solar systems' positions.

In other news, the Chief of Police just showed up and the bonus case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney just got awesome. My favorite AA cases are the ones where by about a third of the way in you think you may be getting to the bottom of things... and then the bottom drops out, leaving you with a Court Record full of random unconnected evidence, a half a dozen weird new people on the "Profiles" page, and absolutely no clue what is really going on other than a deep certainty that something stinks and Phoenix Wright is going to get to the truth no matter what. This case is like that, so at this point I'd say I am darn pleased with the game.

And in other other news, I feel like crap, so I'm going to bed now. Goodnight.
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