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Nice theory, Trite...

So I feel like crap right now, frankly (just all-over achey and tired) but I was actually able to play with the raytracer for a little bit today.

Using the same technique to create a higher-frequency fractal that I used to add cloud detail to the Earthlike planet, I can add detail to the one-dimensional fractal(s) used to paint cloud bands on Jupiter-like planets. All I have to do is take the output from the 3-D fractal and use that to distort the latitude value fed into the 1-D fractal, and that causes the bands' interfaces to be kinked in a very realistic-looking fashion. After that I'd just have to get the general "surface feature" ability which I've been putting off for ages working, and I could use that to add Red Spot-like storms scattered around the planet -- the result would be a perfect Jupiter-alike.

Before going into the hospital I had also been reworking the rendering code. Before, it was directly accessing the backbuffer to paint the raytracing results, which is inefficient due to the slowness of accessing memory on the video card. I got proper render-to-texture code working -- the raytracing results are now painted onto a quad placed in front of the camera, which is then drawn normally by Direct3D. In the end this didn't really increase the speed of the application much, since in most cases it took longer to do the raytracing than we spent waiting for the backbuffer anyway, but it does eliminate this as an issue restricting the maximum speed the application can run at. Now if I can make the raytracing faster I should always see the benefits of that.

Also also I finished Phoenix Wright 3 this morning. Wow, what a rollercoaster that last trial is. Come on U. S. Mail, hurry up and deliver the first two games to me already!
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