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A blighted sphere of water they once called... Mars!

Hmm, I haven't posted any raytracer stuff the past few days. Partially I've been a bit under the weather, partially I've been uncertain where to take things. I made an abortive attempt at creating a standard "surface feature" class to encompass non-fractal things like craters, so they can be properly associated with individual triangles on the surface for fast rendering; my first try didn't work, because I'm going to have to fix up scaling issues with the planets once and for all before I can make any real progress there, but this will undoubtedly be required. However, while meandering around the Interwobs earlier today I came across these Hubble images of Mars and decided to see if I could slap a Mars together out of existing parts.

It went surprisingly well!

I also posted a larger image of the terrestrial and lunar planets on my DeviantArt account. It's nothing you haven't seen before, but on the other hand it certainly is, um, bigger.
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