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It's the last days of our Last Days Sale...

And I have two links for you!

The first link is to an I'm-sure-it's-totally-legal Google Video recording of a show called End Day. End Day is an hour-long, typically slickly overproduced BBC production* describing five different really bad days for Planet Earth. The framing device is a scientist trying to fly from London to New York for a high-energy physics experiment; in four of the bad days he never makes it due to a tidal wave caused by collapse of the Canary Islands, a giant meteor that hits Berlin, a fast-spreading plague, and the explosion of a supervolcano underneath Yellowstone National Park, respectively. In the fifth version of the day he makes it to New York without incident, but his experiment creates a stable strangelet which proceeds to consume the whole world. Oops -- well, there's always tomorrow, except when there isn't.

* Speaking as someone who grew up on Tom Baker-era Doctor Who episodes and The Tomorrow People, I never would've thought I'd use "BBC" and "typically slickly overproduced" in the same sentence.

Moving on, the second link is to what I absolutely refuse to call a filk song about the announced closing of the extrasensory perception research lab at Princeton University. As somebody who read everything James Randi ever wrote before I turned eighteen, my response can be summed up as: bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!
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