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No MoS update.

Bwa ha ha ha ha! I'm free!!!

In all seriousness, I was blown away by how many people replied to the last post. What can I say other than I'm glad we were able to entertain. In other words: no, thank you.

I'm feeling remarkably chipper, actually. Perhaps it's that winter is almost over. Yes, there's N feet of snow outside, it'll be ten degrees out tomorrow, but we all know perfectly well winter's time is up and in a few more weeks we'll all have to find something else to complain about. It might also be finally getting a new computer at work, a blazing quad-core machine with an Nvidia 8800 video card. It replaces a wretched, decrepit antique -- I think it was a PCjr or something -- that had me wondering if I even was able to be productive any more. But now that I'm not saddled with that old wreck I'm tearing up the place. In other words: I was absolutely correct to blame my tools. Ha! Take that, tools!

It could also, also be that soon enough our project at work will be done. After two years of working on this thing it'll be nice to see it out of my life and on a store shelf.

And then there's that Rogue Galaxy I've been playing. Kinda fun. And I just watched the RiffTrax of The Fifth Element, which was amusingly distracting. So for now, just for this one little moment on Earth, everything is fine.

(By the way, please hold off on reminding me of all those pages from the second half of Chapter 4 that still need to be colored for a week or so. Thanks!)
Tags: a miracle of science, personal
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