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MoS update.

Hey, there isn't supposed to be smooching in science fiction!! Except the best science fiction has spaceships and smooching in it, wouldn't you agree?

I'm inclined to write some sort of after-action report for MoS after we wrap it up, considering that it's if not the largest then surely the longest project of any kind I've ever been involved in. Five years! Good God. Overall I feel as if there have been some successes and some failures. I've learned a lot about producing these things, even though what I learn can usually be summed up as "man, it takes forever to produce these things" -- but nonetheless there is much wisdom here which I'm looking forward to applying to Afterlife Blues.

But... applying much later, 'cos right now I think I'm about the most burnt-out man on the face of this Earth...

Well, okay, second to Alan Moore.

And it's still cold. Waah.
Tags: a miracle of science, comics
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