Mark Sachs (ksleet) wrote,
Mark Sachs

MoS update.

On time and under budget. Can such a feat be repeated? Well, we'll see.

Items on my mind right now:

1. What's with this "madboy" stuff? Benjamin is thirty-five. Harrumph.
2. I wish I had been in Philadelphia partying with my friends this weekend instead of here working.
3. So I have one o' them DVR thingies now (and it was cheaper than my previous cable plan, so you can just sit right back down) which means I can start watching Stargate: SG-1 episodes while drawing the comic. And in the newest episode, the SG-1 team was apparently replaced by mysterious impostors! I mean, there's some random new guy as commander, and Jack is gone, and they're fighting some nutty religious fanatics, and I'm all like, man, you miss a couple of years... Also, has that fancy spaceship of theirs ever successfully completed a journey without getting hijacked or shot down? I don't think it has.
Tags: a miracle of science, comics, pie
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