Mark Sachs (ksleet) wrote,
Mark Sachs

MoS update.

I suspect all of y'alls are way ahead of us with the latest plot twist.

I was going to make a wacky joke in my column today about how slow universities are to adopt new technology, and that my own (presumably) beloved Penn State is probably the last place in the world still running off an IBM VM system complete with virtual punch cards... but then I did a Google search and discovered that PSUVM is actually no more, abandoned in the Y2K transition. Wow. That's rather sad in a nostalgic sort of way.

Okay, not in any other way, since it was ultimately a pretty terrible system, but it was the good kind of terrible, you know? I mean, Netnews wasn't that bad...

All right, fine, I remember it fondly purely because I used it when I was younger, now get off my lawn, you damn kids!
Tags: a miracle of science, comics, nerd
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