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"Ashala's head felt like vermicelli slowly slipping off the platter of her shoulders."

So, the doctor's prescription could be elegantly summed up as "suck it up and stop whining, you big wimp." Which is good advice in general, but on the other hand my stomach still hurts and I still feel like crap, but on the third hand it's not like some horrendous disease would be preferable. Oh well -- I'll industriously hope it goes away by itself, then. I wonder if my continual off-and-on illness is psychosomatic. Caused by stress? Aimlessness? Being just plain stupid? All quite applicable in my case.

Oh well. That said, when I went outside today it was actually... nice. 68 degrees, patchy clouds, a pleasant breeze. It's going to cool off tomorrow night, but still stay in the 50s for the next few weeks. How'd that slip through? It's a distinct lack of quality control -- not that I'm complaining, mind you. The windows in my apartment are open and it's nice to get some fresh air at last.

Also: I've had a DeviantArt membership for a little while, but only for the purposes of storing some random favorites and things. I went and uploaded some stuff to it. It's nothing you haven't seen if you haven't been reading this LJ, but on the other hand if you haven't... reading... seen... then... yeah. OK, time to lie down now.
Tags: site news, whining
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