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Afterlife Blues update.

It is a page. You can probably tell from how sloppy the inside of the car is rendered that I really am tired of drawing that thing. That being said, I'm very pleased with Panel 3 for some reason (the station wagon pulling into the garage next to an armored embassy limo.) It's a more "high concept" panel than I usually try to draw, but I feel that it worked. At least a bit. COME ON JUST LET ME HAVE THIS.

In other (brief) news, a visiting co-worker wanted to see Neon Galaxy, so I actually spent a half hour slapping together a real test level instead of just the big pile of test levels I'd had up until now. And, you know... it's actually fun. The game genuinely works! That's pretty cool, not to mention a bit of a relief. Hopefully I can record a video of a level playthrough sooner rather than later and share it with y'alls.
Tags: afterlife blues, comics
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