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Afterlife Blues update.

Comic updated here. It's dynamic!

In Neon Galaxy news, nothing flashy today. I fixed some small bugs having to do with object sorting and whatnot, created a new model for the level entrance, added command-line arguments to make it easier to test custom levels, and wrote a text-displaying object for the third tedious time. Though I could write that in my sleep at this point, and the experience of doing it nearly did put me to sleep, it was still needed. I can now animate text nicely as it appears onscreen and add lots of new text animations, which will in turn support a whole lot of UI stuff that's currently not implemented.

...You know, now that I'm taking it way more seriously I'm suddenly thinking that I should have an official devblog for my game stuff instead of just mixing it in with everything else on the LJ. Perhaps this is my golden opportunity to get a Tumblr at long last.
Tags: afterlife blues, comics, neon galaxy
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