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It's a fire-and-forget weapon: we fired it once, and now we can forget about firing it again.

Apologies for the typical delay of tonight's AB page. I was actually out being social for once, and lost track of time. Trying a wide variety of beers with some folks from work, if you were curious! So I don't have a comic to give you. I do have an interesting photo, though.

See, one of my friends has a hobby of building various spaceships out of Legos. A while back he made a stab at building the Normandy from Mass Effect, and I saw it, and I was all like, ehh, good try dude but it's not really possible to make the Normandy out of Legos due to all its sleek curves and whatnot. And he was all like, oh yeah? I'll show you.

I think he showed me.
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