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I think I'm losing interest in this Twitter thing. Partially because of the crummy performance of their website, partially because 140 characters is generally 10 characters too few, and partially because I'm tired of getting followed by some spambot whenever I make the error of using a word that triggers their keyword scans. The heck with that.

Also, Ace Combat 6 is brutal on the higher difficulty levels -- especially towards the end of the game, with the entire Estovakian air force gunning for me personally and ignoring all other threats. I'd forgotten how the player is essentially in the middle of a continuous storm of incoming missiles most of the time, since the AI loves to open fire even if it is wildly off-angle. You pretty much end up having to use your intuition to guess if any of the twenty missiles nearby are actually going to pose a threat, and if you guess wrong, pow! That's a little frustrating. I'm going to say I'm not really fond of these one-on-twenty air battles as they are just physically unmanageable. And yes, I'm using Allied Support. Yes, it helps. No, it doesn't help enough. (Though I did find it entertaining to use against Strigon Team in the "Heavy Command Cruiser" mission. Dodge all my missiles, will you? Fine, I'll subcontract your death. Additional tip: The rocket launcher hilariously one-shots those huge flying battleships.)
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