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Hold flippers during casino run!

I probably won't get to do any NaGaWriMo tonight due to comic-related obligations, but I felt the need to at least show a screenshot of how far the game is at this point.

You can see the player's ship (red) equipped with a standard weapon (yellow) that can be fired as we please. The gray circles and squares are debug output from the physics system, with the squares being the bounding boxes around physics entities -- it's just running simple test code now that turns the objects white when a collision is detected, with the player's ship or any other entity. At the bottom the lovely default XWindows font is showing a framerate of above 999 FPS. Actually, the framerate is well above 1000 fps, but that exceeds the resolution of GLUT's built-in millisecond timer. Clearly it's not a major problem right now that the physics system is simply doing pairwise comparisons between the world's contents to identify collisions.
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