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Afterlife Blues update.

Updated page is updated. Just so you know, I have a brand new copy of "Spore" sitting in front of me that I purchased today after going to see The Dark Knight at the Providence Place IMAX. That copy is as yet unopened, because I was working on the comic instead. I HOPE YOU APPRECIATE THE SACRIFICES I MAKE FOR YOU.

As a side note, looks like I answered my own question about "which to get, Mac or PC" because apparently the disk has both Mac and PC versions on it. So, yeah.

Hmm, what else have I done or seen or whatever recently? I'm going to write it down here because I have the uneasy feeling that if I don't do this I'll forget about all of it.

  • Over the Labor Day weekend, saw the WaterFire thing in Providence with my good friend Ben. It's extremely artsy and surprisingly appealing -- I'd recommend it.
  • Watched Obama's speech and Palin's speech. To be rigorously complete in exercising my solemn duty as a voter in this great democracy I should probably watch Biden's and McCain's as well, though I expect they will contain less entertainment value.
  • Played a lot of Mercenaries 2.
  • Listened to Big Finish's "Shada" recording. I'll probably have more to say about that at some point, or possibly a drawing.
  • Thought about how David Weber's writing reminds me of fanfiction, both in good and bad ways. There's definitely an entire LJ post in that one.
  • Still diligently pounding away at Clockwork, but I have the uneasy feeling I'll have to back out of the competition. I might be able to get it done by then but there's no way it'll have a proper beta testing period.
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