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Start the violence!

I've been mostly confined to quarters during this recovery. I've gone out to do various errands at various times, but it really is true that after major surgery one has very little energy to spare. In the end it's better for all concerned if I stay home. So I was faced with some options. I could learn to program for the Macintosh, like I'd vaguely planned. I could draw new online comics! I could get a head start on all the stuff I'm going to have to do when I return to work next week. Or, I could lie around in bed and read comic books. Guess what I did.

All right, I exaggerate. I wasn't really all that lazy. Though I could certainly have been more productive, I did at least get some writing done; much of (yet another) new version of Malarkey, and an actual completed story the idea for which came to me just a month or two ago. I may upload it at some point after I think about what to do with this actual completed story. (Dang, I never get tired of seeing those words.) Plus, I updated my personal web site today with various things I'd never quite gotten around to doing before, including a rather keen history of the site -- an excuse to dig up all the old site designs out of my hard drive and post them again as a monument to ego.

Nonetheless I did indeed spend some time lying around in bed and reading comic books, and in the process was reminded all over again just how incredibly cool Adam Warren's Dirty Pair was.

When I try to explain why I like Warren's Dirty Pair so much, I tend to fumble my words. It's like somebody scanned my brain and built the exact comic book I'd most want to read up from individual atoms. The crazy posthuman high technology, the snappy and sarcastic dialogue, the hyper-stylized and hyper-detailed art, the intricate yet screwball plotting, the wild action sequences: I love it all. The third series, A Plague of Angels, is in fact what got me into anime and manga-style artwork in the first place way back in college; before then I'd been doodling endlessly in a more or less traditional Western comics style and I'd never seen anything animated in Japan since watching Star Blazers on channel 25 out of Boston as a little boy, but when I opened up A Plague of Angels Issue #3 for the first time in a friend's dorm room it's like a switch got thrown inside my head and from then on I was on a new path.

Well, a new path insofar as this pleasant artistic hobby goes, of course. Heh. I don't want to, you know, oversell this. In the grand scheme of things maybe it only changed my life a little bit, but change it, it did.

As far as I am aware there hasn't been any new Dirty Pair for quite a while, not since Run From The Future came out some years ago. Since then Warren has been toiling in the boiler rooms of the large superhero-oriented comics corporations. I hasten to add that for all I know he's satisfied doing it, and God knows I'm not going to criticize how he chooses to spend his time. But... you know... every so often I just wish there'd be a little more Dirty Pair. It would make me very happy. It would make the world richer. And in these perilous times, I think what Kei and Yuri have to tell us is more important now than ever.

Speak truth to power, Kei!
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